Frosted Mug by Kenya

Hello Everyone!
Who doesn’t enjoy a large glass of a refreshing beverage? Summer is getting closer and so is Father’s Day! Masculine projects always give me a run for my money! Today, I am sharing an easy and generic Father’s Day gift that can be given to any father or father figure in your life! My hubby is not a beer drinker BUT he does like Root Beer. Can you imagine this mug coming right out of the freezer just waiting for some ice cold Root Beer to be poured in? Ah yes, I have made myself thirsty.
To make this mug:
1. Weld two of the 0983 vines together. Then I used a FunTime font for the word
2. Placed a piece of scrap vinyl on the mat (vinyl can be purchase at; this will become your mask
3. Cut the images using the BossKut Gazelle.
4. Once the cutting is complete, weed the positive
image out and adhere the negative of the images to the mug using Transfer Vinyl
Tape (can be purchased at
5. Use a generous amount of Etching Cream to the images (make sure the cream does not go on the parts you do not want etched).
6. Leave cream on for about 10-15 minutes (depending on how etched you like your project).
7.  Take off the access amount of etching cream (can be put back in the container for later use) and clean the remaining cream with warm water.
8. Carefully take off the mask.
9. Wash your mug and enjoy!
I hope you all enjoyed today’s project! Remember to stop by for more files and inspiration!
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