Holiday Ideas

By Debbie Grommet Bosskut Design Team

This box highlights the new Pinecone cutting file by Judy Stark available at Also from Bosskut is the Circle Florette .

When getting ready to cut the florette. I ungrouped the image and removed the center so that I would have a round background then regrouped to keep it together when moving. I did draw out a circle to fit inside to give the pinecone a framed look.

I did not create the pattern for this box but when you have a Gazelle you can turn any pattern you have into a cutting file. Turn on your grid under view and use it to aid in measuring also it helps keep lines straight and you can create just about anything.  The hidden box was created by Heather Perreaux.  Here is a link to the instructions

Top View
Hidden Box Opened.

The little pinecone is only an 1″ tall and 3/4″ wide. Amazing. The total box is 3″x3″
Now that I have made a cut file for it, I can cut them quickly without all the measuring . Happy Crafting Debbie

BURNISHED Velvet Snowman Tag
by KATIE P. Bosskut Design Team



Hi everyone!  I hope you’re enjoying the hop so far!  There’s so much
inspiration!  Are you familiar with the Burnished Velvet technique?  Terri with
Boss Kut has done a series of videos that tell you what you’ll need and just how
to do it.  You can view them in Terri’s YouTube channel.
I chose to work with the new Melting Snowman Tag.  After I opened the file in
Funtime, I simply pulled the “arms” off (cause I wanted them as a layer, not cut
as part of the design) and changed the line colors so the pieces could all be
cut separately without disassembling the shape.  I added my adhesive to my
cardstock and loaded my mat.  Be sure you do test cuts, as Terri suggests in the
video.  You don’t want to wast a bunch of your adhesive, or time!  I cut the
inside pieces on Pressure 1 then cut the outside on the highest pressure.  That
was it!
So after I got it cut it was time to glitter!  I used my paper piercer to
“weed” the pieces…just like you would a garden, you remove the cover to expose
the area you want to work on.  I glittered one color at a time…the hat band,
the nose then all my black pieces.  After I applied each section of giltter, I
pulled out my Copic to color the sections.  Yes, you read that right! I colored the glitter with my Copics!
The hat band was colored with R29,
the nose YR18
and the rest with 100 Black.
Super easy!  Here’s a pic of what the process looks like…
So fun! After I was done coloring, I cut the charm mat (included in the file)
and the arms and finished assembling the tag.  I added some Canvas Corp Cord to
the top and tied it to a gift bag.
Isn’t he cute?!  I LOVE snowmen and this file makes a perfect tag to hang
on a bag or add to a gift.  Don’t you think?!  Here’s a closer view of the tag
so you can see all the sparkle and shine…

The best part is that the glitter won’t come off onto everything!


Snowman Poop
By Lori m. Bosskut Design Team

What are holidays if not for having a little fun? Here’s a quick and cute gag gift to pass along to someone special.

Using one clean empty jar, a few cotton balls, ribbon, poem found on the internet and some really cute bosskutdiecuts , a little assembly and this is what I put  together.

The holly leaves, snowmen and the pine needles are a few of the new diecuts at  “Adorable”!       Happy Holidays!

By Linn Cole Bosskut Design Team

Today’s project is just a card with a Pointsettia on it! Although it is not just any old Poinsettia….it is a Bosskut Poinsettia! I LOVE this Diecut! I have made it in pearlized white, red, green and yellow and every size possible! So I just had to show the Poinsettia one more time! I also cut out my “Merry Christmas” too, added a few jewels in the center and Viola! Happy crafting !


Wooden Santa Plaque
By Lori m. Bosskut Design Team

Using one of those wooden plaques found at the store, I added a little holiday paper and then glued and Mod Podged it for durability. Next I added, “# 0873 Santa Head”, Which came from Isn’t he the happiest Santa you’ve ever seen?

The Ho Ho Ho, was cut out on my Gazelle using a TTF font already installed in my Funtime program.

Love, Love, Love, his cute face and deep blue eyes. For the beard I added some liquid pearls to give it texture, a little cotton the brim of his hat and on the tassel.

by Phyllis Parkins

I altered this Journal for a very special new little granddaughter that I have.  Actually I have 3 new grandchildren. My daughter Heather and her husband Darin are adopting a little boy and his two sisters. They were in the need of a home and in foster care so Heather and Darin heard about them and stepped up to the plate and they have now joined their family.  They  already had 3 boys and now have 4 boys and 2 girls.

I wanted to make Phoenix a Journal so she could write about her feelings and thoughts , hoping this would help her with the transition.  I found the Journal at Hobby Lobby and it was just what I was looking for.  Then I watched one of Suzanne Deans new videos (I’m a big fan of hers) of her coloring this fairy (from Wee Stamps) and had to have it for the Journal it was just perfect.  I loved the colors she used.

I colored the image with my copics and then cut a simple frame and mat and the title on my Gazelle. Next I sprayed the picture with a coat of acrylic sealer as I wanted to Modge Podge the cover for durability. Then I gave it 2 coats of modge podge and added some of our brass charms and crystals. (watch for our antiqued brass charms that will be available in 2012).





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    Love all the projects but the box project is what caught my eye. :)

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    Wow, gorgeous projects I especially love the first box. So neat the way it opens. Thanks for much.

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    Wow! That first box is the coolest! What lovely work ladies!

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    such fun things today!

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    The secret box is awesome!!

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    Love the secret box!

  7. That medallion cut is fabulous! thanks for the chance to win! cjdempsey9 at msn dot com

  8. Tonya Turvold says:

    Such great ideas! I love making hang tags for my Christmas packages. I just wish I had more time this year. Being in college is rough when you have three children and have been out of school for 19 years.


  9. Efrat S. says:

    Love the box. What a great project.

  10. f lynn rush says:

    wonderful projects. thank you for sharing. rush88888 at gmail dot com

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    I loved the secret box, and snowman poop is just too funny!

  12. Caroline D. says:

    Cute and fun projects!! I color glitter with my copics too! :o )

  13. Britt says:

    WOW I love those sparkly snowmen and your secret box is awesome!

  14. kacee says:

    oh very pretty coloring!! Great job!

  15. Rufus says:

    Wow, all the projects are such fun. The pinecone box is just adorable! Loads of inspiration.

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    Blog hops are so much fun, and I love to see all the great projects. That box is off the charts!


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    Wow, what a great group of inspirations! They were all my favorites. I must find time to do a few.

  18. Peggy Allen says:

    Great projects. The box is amazing.
    Christmas blessings,

  19. Marilyn Nimmo says:

    Amazing projects. As I scrolled down, I would think — this is my favorite. Then I would get to the next one, and it would be wonderful too! LOVED them all!

  20. Wowzas!!!! Great projects!!! I love that melting snowman and have the perfect sentiment to use with him. Go figure he was combined with burnished velvet…. My fave technique!!!! :)

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    I love all these projects!!! I don’t have enough time in the day to try them all out!

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    Great projects.

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    Projects are great…I really love the box.

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    OH MY!!! That box is awesome! TY for the link to the tutorial! I will definetely have to try this! Love all the other projects shared today! What an awesome week of inspiration! TFS!

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    All great projects, a lot of work in the box project.

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    The snowman poop gag gift is hilarious and is the perfect gift for someone I know! Thanks

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    great projects – neat techniques

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    cute projects, but I absolutely love the hidden box, going to try it tonight! TFS

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    Nice Projects – thanks for sharing these great ideas!

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    An amazing machine.

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    More GREAT Projects – I love Debbie’s Box (Thanks for the link) and Lori’s Snowman Poop the best.

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    Just want to thank you and all for this fabulous blog hop. So many ideas, will be coming back in days to come just to look over ideas and try them. Todays are no exception.

  55. Raven says:

    Great projects today…well everyday. LOL

    The secret box is perfect for little gifts. I’m making the girls some bottlecap necklaces and this would be great to wrap them up in. Any chance on sharing the cut file?

    The journal is precious and girl young or old would appreciate one.

  56. lisa808 says:

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  57. Wonderful projects! Thanks for another good day of inspiration.

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    Beautiful work on all the projects!! The box is awesome!! I am headed over to splitcoast stampers (after the hop) and check it out!! Thanks for the inspiring me!!

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    Nice. Great colors and patterns. And idea…

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    How cute. I would love to make that for my niece.

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    Fabulous, just amazing projects and gift ideas, thank you all.

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    LOVE the pinecone box! Lots of lovely projects!

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    Super cute projects…love all the snowmen!!!

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    I just saw my first secret box the other day, and I’m in love with them. Love your take on the project. Great work by all, these are great ideas for the holidays!

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